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Battlefield V Deluxe Edition


The Deluxe Edition of Battlefield V gives you early access to the base game, five sets of paratrooper outfits, special assignments and 20 weekly items with airlift.


With the Battlefield V Deluxe Edition, you’ll be able to customize your Company of soldiers with Special Soldier Sets containing stunning weapon skins, camo patterns, head gear, and face paint for the British Special Air Service and German Airborne troops. No special forces unit is more storied than the British SAS, who dropped behind enemy lines during some of the most perilous missions of the war. Similarly, the German Fallschirmjäger troops defended their air bases from invaders. The Battlefield V Deluxe Edition lets you bring in these special forces from the beginning of your journey....

Other Information

  • Release date: 2018-11-16


R$ 217,58

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