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Mutant Mudds Super Challenge


There is only one game mode, and it is Super Challenge! With your trusty water-cannon and jetpack, guide Max through 40 levels and 5 bosses to reach your ultimate destination: the alien meteorite and source of all the mutant mudd malarkey! Each of the 5 worlds feature four uniquely challenging platforming levels with one precious water sprite and 100 gems, which all must be collected, as well as a special doorway that take you to a secret retro-inspired level. The water sprite and 100 gems in the secret levels must also be collected. In summary your objective for each world looks like this: collection 8 water sprites and 800 gems to unlock the boss door for that world. Phew! You can do it!!

Other Information

  • Release date: 2017-05-01
  • ESRB Rating: E


R$ 155,84

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