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Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns


The series is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a new game for the Nintendo 3DS. The title of the game is Bokujō Monogatari: Mitsu no Sato no Taisetsu na Tomodachi (Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons: Precious Friends From Three Villages). The game will have at least three locales: Lulucoco Town, Tsuyukusa Village and Wes Town. The culture of each will be completely different. Lulucoco is an island settlement, Tsuyukusa is a Japanese village, and Wes Town is a western-style town. The game will feature a protagonist - female or male - and the characters Noel, Miranda, Megan, and Frank from Wes Town.

Other Information

  • Release date: 2017-02-23
  • ESRB Rating: E10+


R$ 212,87

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