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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet


Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is a Third Person Shooter Role-Playing Game (TPSRPG), scheduled to be released on February 8, 2018 on the PlayStation 4, XBox One, as well as Personal Computers (PCs) via Steam. The game is being developed by Dimps, based on Unreal Engine 4, and will be set in Gun Gale Online. It will be the first Sword Art Online TPSRPG and the first Sword Art Online game on the XBox One platform.


The game will follow the events of Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization. Gun Gale Online was released by Zaskar, following the advent of The Seed. The Death Gun incident will take place in the game, but the story will be different from the canon version. There will be some new events and players can obtain an element that has not appeared in the canon universe....

Other Information

  • Release date: 2018-02-08
  • PEGI Rating: 12
R$ 212,87

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